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Your guest experience begins and ends with our exceptional team. We wake up each day with one single mission—to help our guests look and feel their absolute best.

Our mantra is reflected in our status as an Aveda Concept Salon. We align ourselves with the culture of Aveda—through eco-friendly products, cutting-edge techniques and sustainability standards, and put our focus on continually raising the bar and making your experience even better!

Our carefully chosen and exceptionally trained staff believe that our only competition is within ourselves—and our passion for people keeps us motivated for more. We invite you to experience our innovation, and our artistry. You are family from the moment you walk in the door.




Introducing the All New Salon Allure, Williamsville NY

Introducing the All New Salon Allure, Williamsville NY

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I was born and raised in WNY by parents who immigrated from Sicily.  Life was difficult due to my father’s ill health and subsequent death, but through it all they taught me to work hard and never give up.  


Being a hair stylist or owning my own salon was never a thought I had growing up.  While my friends were preparing for college, I was meeting with my high school guidance counselor, who suggested going to Boces (a local trade school) for cosmetology.  My first reaction was, “I can play with hair all day and get a grade?  I’m in!!!”


I had no idea that this decision would change the course of my future! I found out that cosmetology came easy and was so much fun.   Starting from the bottom as a 17 year old shampoo girl, I learned that hard work pays off.   Still working for the same company, I had moved up the ladder to a master stylist and then a salon manager. The amount of knowledge I learned in those 15 years was all preparing me for my own salon.   A couple years later, I met with a cousin and long story short with no plans of selling her salon, I bought it! 


You will have to watch the video above to see that full story! I believe everything happens for a reason!


Being a wife and a mom of 3 children, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else!  I have so much support around me every day – from family to friends to fellow stylists!  20 years in the industry, I have no regrets and I know I am right where I am supposed to be. Salon Allure is my second home and I am blessed to have a remarkable staff I can call my family.




Making people feel good about themselves is what I love, and has been driving my passion since day one.

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